We enable an operational backbone, a set of solutions, automation and process mining, which ensures agile connectivity in the business areas with efficiency, scalability, reliability, quality and predictability of your organization's central operations to support digital strategies.

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Process Mining & RPA

We offer solutions that enable our customers to be more efficient with the help of technologies. These results are generated by offering more expedited gains that are refined by using an interactive focus that provides more value in each cycle, optimizing performance.

Our focus is on mixing technologies (RPA, IA, Bots, Natural Language Processing, OCRs, etc.) and our own platform (BringTo) to automate complex business processes. This will help us discover where we can effect change to achieve an expedited ROI.


Process Mining & RPA Practices:

  • Analysis of which processes can generate cost reduction/operational efficiency, based on our our customer’s strategic alignment;
  • Suggestion of tools and automation strategy;
    End-to-end process automation (automation, planning, development, implementation and monitoring)
  • Governance strategy and automation orchestration;
  • RPAaaS, in case of BringTo platform usage.

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