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Qintess, aiming to achieve high standards of ethics and good practices, instituted its integrity program following Brazilian anti-corruption legislation.

The methodology, structure, and operation of our Integrity Program are based on the ISO/IEC 37001:2017 standard to streamline the continuous identification, assessment, treatment, and monitoring of the risks of acts of corruption.

The Ethics Channel, managed by an external and independent company, whose access link is found below, clears up doubts and investigates allegations of corruption through reports sent through the website or app, under the commitment of confidentiality of the information handled. The Ethics Channel is part of the Integrity Program, also made up of the structures shown below in the organizational chart.

CEO's letter

We would like to introduce the Ethics Channel in the constant search to make our company more ethical and in line with the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Legislation.

The channel is part of the Integrity Program, implemented on 03/15/21. It will ensure an effective process to prevent, detect, and combat acts related to direct and indirect corruption in the Qintess environment.

We provide it in partnership with Contacto Seguro, an independent and impartial company that guarantees the secrecy and confidentiality of your reports. This communication channel is made available to all Qintess employees, customers, partners, and the general public.

We must report acts related to corruption, thus preventing and detecting attitudes that are not under our values. When making a report, you will receive a protocol number to track its progress.

We count on you!

Nana Baffour

Chairman, CEO & Chief Culture Officer


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